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Terms and conditions



Amount: The renter agrees to pay the taxes, other expenses related to the use of the vehicle and to the agreed price before receipt of the vehicle. Any excess of mileage agreed on the contract will be charged to the vehicle. In case of the time of the return of the vehicle, the holding responds with a penalty to be paid in addition to the payment of the rental.

Liability: Any fines and penalties incurred during the period.

Length of rental: This day will remain Agreed on the contract.

Acquisition of the vehicle: The return of the vehicle Any damage or defect must be indicated on the contract before the start of the lease. The must have a driving license cat. B for at least 3 years and present it at the time of receipt of the vehicle and a valid ID.

Maintenance: The maintenance ensures the impeccable maintenance of the vehicle. It is responsible for all damages that do not result from normal use. It is strictly forbidden to burn, launch control, smoke or consume any food in the vehicle. No pets are allowed in the vehicle unless otherwise agreed, the country pays a cleaning fee of CHF 100.- minimum.

Accident: The facts of the accident, which are of importance to ascertaining the facts of an accident. He must appeal to the police, whenever possible or where the law so requires. He must immediately report to Rental Dream in writing and writing. The assumption of the obligation of compensation or the obligation of compensation or the obligation to pay compensation.

Insurance: In the event of damage, the renter assumes a deductible determined according to the vehicle. In any case, the company may enter into a contract with the insurance company under the authority of the insurance company or the insurance company. This article also suggests that this deductible be misused.

Alcohol and narcotics: In the event of an accident under the influence of narcotics and / or alcohol,

Trips abroad: Trips abroad must be authorized by Rental Dream. For this, the owner has the obligation to announce his intentions and have a written power of Rental Dream.

Breakdown or malfunction: The tenant agrees to carry out a malfunction. In case of a breakdown of the vehicle, the party is entitled to terminate this contract immediately. All other claims, including claims for compensation are excluded. Rental Dream disclaims all liability for direct or indirect damages that may be suffered by the vehicle and / or passengers due to a defect in the vehicle.

Return of the vehicle: The agreement to return in the perfect condition, place and mileage agreed on the contract. The vehicle is delivered with full fuel and to the full by the care of the holding; in the event of non-compliance, the additional cost of an additional fee of 40.- CHF.

Payment methods: Card or cash

Cancellation: Cancellation deadlines up to 48h without charge. Less than 48h, a 30% fee on the value of the booking will be charged (deposit not included).